Has Your Nespresso Machine Stopped Working Properly? Here’s 8 Easy Tips Worth A (Espresso) Shot.

It’s an exciting day when you first get your brand-new Nespresso machine. The shiny stainless steel. The smorgasbord of different coffee flavors to try. But like most things, without the proper maintenance and a little TLC, your once beloved Nespresso machine may soon start experiencing issues.    We’ve discovered the most common reasons why Nespresso […]

How To Factory Reset Your Nespresso Machine

If you encounter issues with the extraction of your coffee pods, one of the easiest fixes is to reset your machine back to its factory settings. This is because one of the most common problems is where the settings that control the extraction time somehow get altered. The typical extraction time using the Espresso (small […]

How Much Caffeine Is In A Nespresso Coffee Pod

Nespresso is considered the most popular capsule coffee solution worldwide, and the original line is their most widely adopted range. We wanted to find exactly how much caffeine is in a Nespresso pod so we could best replicate the character with our Green Pods. This seemed like a simple question at first, however quickly became […]

DIY Coffee and Vanilla Soap From Used Coffee Grounds

This easy upcycling project will turn your old coffee grinds that were previously destined for the bin, into your own boutique fragrance. We love the smell of coffee mixed with vanilla and find these bars offer a real pick-me-up in the morning shower. These soaps are seriously easy to make. They exfoliate and deodorize, leaving […]

Six creative ways to recycle used coffee grounds at home

While we may have solved the plastic waste problem with our reusable coffee pods, theses still another problem that needs addressing. What to do with all the leftover coffee grounds? Let them accumulate in landfills? Keep pouring them grounds down the sink? We’ve come up with our list of the 6 best ways you can recycle […]